Duplicate of Contestant Rules

The College of Public Speaking will appoint a panel of experienced judges for the heats and finals. The guest judges for the final will not have attended the heats, so the same speech can be used without losing impact.

Speakers will be expected to demonstrate skills in terms of gestures, speech construction, speaking with conviction, vocal variety, vocabulary and word pictures, and humour and audience rapport. 6x4" cards can be used and a lectern will be available if required, but most importantly, the speech must not be read.  In previous years most of the speakers did not use notes.

The speech duration will be a maximum of 6 minutes and speakers will incur penalty points for speaking beyond this limit. Lighting will be used to represent timings; green light represents 3 minutes, amber light 4 minutes and red light 5 minutes leaving 60 seconds to round off the speech. The red light will go off at 6 minutes. At six minutes thirty seconds, the speaker may be gavelled.

The timing of the speech begins from the first word following the salutation, 'Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen'.

The judges are looking for a strong message combined with excellent delivery skills. Please - no acting, performing, magic tricks or monologues. Please ensure that your content and delivery would be appropriate for a boardroom style meeting. Please ensure that the majority of the speech is original.

Corporate Speaking Challenge Finalists 
November 18th