Corporate Speaking Challenge 2016

'It is not about what happens, but how you respond.'

The theme for this year“s Corporate Speaking Challenge is a universal wisdom that can be applied to a range of scenarios and contexts, as it speaks not only to business challenges, but to personal and interpersonal situations as well.

Now in its 7th year, the College of Public Speaking Corporate Speaking Challenge is an innovative public speaking competition designed to promote and encourage communication excellence in the business world. Bringing together some of the best speakers across the country, the Corporate Speaking Challenge is designed to showcase a high standard of public speaking, an exciting event that enables speakers to demonstrate their public speaking talents.

The public speaking competition is a marvellous opportunity for individuals to develop themselves in a friendly, supportive and pressurised environment; it's a development opportunity for both contestants and companies alike.


Location Date Time
Mintel Group Ltd
11 Pilgrim Street
19th & 25th October 2016 6.30pm


Location Date Time

Ascham Room
Bloomsbury House
2-3 Bloomsbury Square



18th November 2016 7-9.30pm

Congratulations to the 10 winners from the 2 heats,
who will be speaking at the final in Bloomsbury House

Order of Speaking
Friday November 18th 
7.00: Bloomsbury House

Jermaine Edwards

Paresh Rughani
Deborah Henley
Jackie Naghten
Olga Frankow
Jonathan Sinclair

Alan Clamp
Vish Naik
Richard Murray
Kate Atkin

There will be five new judges for the final who will not have heard any of the previous heats,
so there will be no danger of loss of impact in repeating the speaking content.

What is the Judging Panel Looking for?

The judges are looking for confidence and credibility as a speaker, clarity in the message, clear structure and engaging content.

  • Judges will look at the expression and delivery of the speech to ensure the speech has a clear purpose - persuade, inform, inspire and entertain.
  • First impressions are important, the audience and judging panel will be at their most attentive at the beginning of the speech, so ensure you grab their attention from the start, similar emphasis should also be put on the conclusion of the speech, linking back to the opening of the speech.
  • Your verbal skills are paramount, speak clearly, slowly and loudly, ensure the audience and judging panel can hear every single word, vary your pitch and tone of voice to keep the audience and judging panel alert.
  • Nonverbal skills are also important.  Be conscious of your body language and (purposely) only use gestures that support and enhance your speech.
  • Confidence and style are at the core of effective expression and delivery, and vital in any professional context so try to project this during your speech.

The judges are looking for a strong message combined with excellent delivery skills. Please - no acting, performing, magic tricks or monologues. Please ensure that your content and delivery would be appropriate for a boardroom style meeting. Please ensure that the majority of the speech is original.

For more guidance on public speaking read our public speaking tips here.


First place winner will be awarded a £100 Amazon voucher, a framed certificate and a Corporate Speaking Challenge trophy to retain for a year. 2nd place will be awarded with a £50 Amazon voucher and third place will be awarded a £25 Amazon voucher.


Registrations will remain open until Friday August 19th.
We will then assess the list of entrants and invite around 20 speakers to take part in the heats.

Recommended workshops

If you would like to improve your public speaking skills we have a variety of workshops to help you prepare for the Corporate Speaking Challenge.

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Our fear of public course includes interactive exercises and confidence building activities. The course will identify the issues around fear and public speaking and face each of these with questions, identifying their cause and where possible eradicating them. The aim is to reframe your issues of loss of confidence, anxiety and fear.

Advanced Public Speaking

Our advanced public speaking course is ideal for those that already have an acceptable level of public speaking ability but are looking to build upon this and improve their communication skills. The course is primarily focused on the structure of giving a speech, enthusiasm, influence and persuasion, creating a rapport with an audience and developing a deeper grasp of rhetorical impact.

Storytelling Workshops

Our storytelling workshop is designed for those looking to discover where to find the perfect story to reinforce your key messages. The course will examine how stories, pictures and metaphors work and why they work, examining when to use them and who they appeal to. The course will provide you with expert story telling techniques alongside overcoming public speaking issues and concerns.