Storytelling Course Testimonials

Storytelling Student Testimonials

Michael's superb training style is underpinned by an incredible depth of knowledge and experience. Like all true experts, he delivers what he knows with ease and simplicity, exampling the skills he is teaching as he does so.

Paddy Maguire (BBC)

Michael has a style of speaking which draws the audience into his world, captivates them and leaves them with lasting memories of some of the descriptive phrases he has used and the information he has included. He also has the ability to pass the skills he uses in his own speaking on to those he trains.

Gwyneth Millard  (National Education Director at Association of Speakers clubs)

Occasionally you come across trainers who have that rare combination of expert subject knowledge coupled with the ability to communicate on the learners' level. Michael is one of those. The course was intensive and challenging but was also very clearly communicated & livened up with humour and interesting examples. I couldn't praise it highly enough.

Rachael Coker  (The 157 Group)

My colleague and I talk about Michael and the training course so often and about how much value we got from the training. It really has shifted my mind-set and given me huge amounts of confidence in my abilities to train and present.

Deborah Cobb (ETS)

Michael is an inspiration. He leads the way professionally and effortlessly, showing you how to communicate effectively. He makes the seemingly impossible happen and so you find yourself speaking in public, and enjoying it!

Suzanne O'Brien  (Canterbury Christ Church University)

Superb in all aspects.  Enjoyed every moment of it.

Kanchan Gokhale  (ACCA)

The training was spot on.  Michael really listened to us and customised his responses throughout.

Jo Spiteri (Porchlight)

Very approachable and knowledgeable and good use of examples to simplify the material.

Steve Sutherland (Confirmit)

Very informative and great anecdotes which illustrated points and provided visual markers

Catherine Murray (Girl Guiding)

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