Storytelling for Business and Training Course Outline

We are surrounded by stories; we just need to learn to use them.

In this 1 day course we discover where to find the perfect story to reinforce your key messages.

We examine how stories, pictures and metaphors work: why they work, what form they take, when to use them, and who they appeal to.

We examine how to use expert story-telling techniques to bring a potentially mundane presentation to life: how the same techniques work from the schoolroom to the boardroom.

We identify and define the key characteristics of two fundamental types of story:
(i)  personal and specific,
(ii) metaphorical and universal.

We examine:

  • 7 classic story structures,
  • 2 essential ingredients for an engaging story,
  • how to recognise and access the stories that surround us,
  • how to make our message stick,
  • how to make the mundane memorable.

We show how story-telling techniques will help to overcome many of our own most common public speaking issues and concerns:

-  structuring a presentation
-  overcoming nerves
-  supporting our words with natural and complimentary gestures
-  generating increased attention and developing vocal variety
-  delivering a clearer and more memorable message.

We will tackle a series of exercises to help source, develop and deliver striking and apt metaphors and memorable and keenly observed imagery.

We will establish ground rules and principles for creating the type of structure that supports a flexible use of stories, metaphors and vibrant visual images to underline our key messages.

We will practice relating content to structure and learn in the process to understand
how much what we do and how we say it, is part of the overall 'story' we are telling.

We will practice how to align story examples and images taken from our own personal knowledge and experience to elements from general knowledge and current affairs, and bring them together to create a compelling narrative to support our key message.

We will learn how correctly chosen imagery can help make complex and complicated material simple to grasp and easy to remember..

We will consider how to prepare the ground-work to tailor make stories and metaphors to perfectly suit a particular audience, and in the process demonstrate how a correct choice of story, anecdote or image can fully translate our own meaning into words that speak precisely to the audience's values and world-picture.

We will also examine some current or well-known public speeches and analyse how the speaker does or maybe does not succeed in clearly expressing their intentions through the imagery they use to support their messages.

Above all we intend the course to be fun, flexible and full of opportunities to speak, prepare presentations and explore the rich, vivid, communicative world of stories, anecdotes and metaphors.

Our goal is to make you a better, a more engaging, memorable and natural communicator.

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