Storytelling for Business and Training: 1 Day Courses & In-House Training

"Train? Teach? Sell? Nothing on earth hits home like a powerful story!
Give me 1 day in London and I'll give you the skills to inspire, engage, and create new impact with stories..."

- says top corporate trainer and four-time UK
National Public Speaking Champion Michael Ronayne

Your audience may never remember your point, but they will always remember your story!

Whether you work in training, teaching, or selling, or, for that matter, any area requiring communication and persuasion, the ability to create a compelling image to underpin your argument is crucial to winning the sale or selling the message. 

There is much, much more to being an engaging speaker than just good eye-contact and a clear voice!

Great speakers, great trainers and great coaches are all masters at creating simple clear images that stay in the listeners' minds.

Brilliant speakers and teachers live on in the mind, because they paint pictures that resonate long after the speech is over.

And, if you haven't actively developed this skill, you are missing arguably the most powerful tool in the communication arsenal.

Stories and well-chosen visual imagery will gain you the reputation of being a great teacher and a great communicator: in fact you may start to find that people say they had never understood things so clearly until they met you...

A focus on stories and metaphors brings two huge advantages... 

  1. From the listener's point of view, a well-crafted image or story is always much more memorable and more engaging than dry facts and data.
  2. And from the speaker's own point of view, having a presentation structured around clear images and stories is much easier to prepare and much more natural to deliver. A definite 'win - win'.

A well-crafted, engaging story, in turn, also helps to improve those fundamentals of: vocal variety, engaging eye-contact and even the quality, subtlety and expanse of your gestures.

Maybe you have struggled to 'find' stories in the past?

Let me assure you: powerful stories and potent images are around us all the time... and often in the least 'likely' of places!

You just need to know where to look...

Advertisers have long realised that the blander the product, the more engaging their story needs to be to persuade the buyer. Disney has always been very good at promoting their own set of moral values in their films. And of course our children's book shelves are overflowing with myths and rhymes filled with subtle messages, home truths and moral guidance.

Excellent speakers learn to harness the power of persuasive imagery because they realise that facts and figures will never move us to action, but stories and pictures always will.

The aim of this 1 Day course in Stories, Pictures and Metaphors is to help you broaden your range of communication skills on the continuous journey to becoming a truly excellent speaker.

You'll discover how to source and then craft compelling stories and how to design and construct vivid metaphors that reinforce your message. 

Your course leader, Michael Ronayne, is a 4 time UK National Public Speaking champion and draws in part on much of his knowledge and prize-winning speaking experience in the presentation and delivery of this hugely practical and powerful training program.

Here's just a little of what you'll be working on:

  • 7 classic story structures
  • 2 essential ingredients for an engaging story
  • 3 magical contrasts to bind your story to the listener
  • How to recognise and access the stories that surround us
  • How to make your message stick
  • How to make the mundane memorable
  • ...and how to deliver it all with clarity and confidence

Feedback from previous clients on the Storytelling for Business and Training course:

Michael's superb training style is underpinned by an incredible depth of knowledge and experience. Like all true experts, he delivers what he knows with ease and simplicity, exampling the skills he is teaching as he does so.
Paddy Maguire - BBC

Very informative and great anecdotes which illustrated points and provided visual markers.
Catherine Murray - Girl Guiding

The most interesting training that I have ever taken part in!  Experience + Wisdom + Perfect teaching approach.
Marta Panasiuk - Mintel

The training was spot on.  He really listened to us and customised his responses throughout.
Jo Spiteri - Porchlight

Loved the creation of visual examples through the use of body and how relating the experience really helps demonstrate the message.

Very approachable and motivational.  So much information, brilliantly delivered.
Penny McLachlan - Coutts

Loads of great analogies and stories - very friendly and helpful.
Nik Byrne - Design Portfolio

Very approachable and knowledgeable and good use of examples to simplify the material.
Steve Sutherland - Confirmit

In just one day Michael was able to teach a class of children how to craft their own personal stories and experiences into powerful and engaging speeches that resonate with an adult audience as well as with a younger audience.  It is a marvellous way to help them increase self-confidence and in the process - almost without them even realising it - become natural speakers and excellent communicators.
Matt Ball - Primary School Head Teacher

Michael has a style of speaking which draws the audience into his world, captivates them and leaves them with lasting memories of some of the descriptive phrases he has used and the information he has included. He also has the ability to pass the skills he uses in his own speaking on to those he trains.
Gwyneth Millard - National Education Director at Association of Speakers clubs

Very good rapport, attention to detail, individual support, positive atmosphere and encouragement - a great place for learning.
Carolyn Savage - Winter School Finder

Very great example; how to express yourself, how to be engaging and how to match body language with what is said.
Gita Petrevica - Opal Transfer

Great communicators tell stories: to move people to action, to change mind-sets, to drive forward ideas. Facts can seem dry and disconnected. Stories join everything up.

The master of the story is the master of the message. Learn how to be that master!

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28 January 2020 Storytelling for Business and Training
Kings Cross, London
Michael Ronayne £325 + VAT
27 February 2020 Storytelling for Business and Training
Kings Cross, London
Michael Ronayne £325 + VAT
18 March 2020 Storytelling for Business and Training
Kings Cross, London
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