A wonderfully detailed and perfectly pitched session. All of my team who attended commented on how useful, valuable and beneficial the session was and how they are looking forward to putting all of those skills and knowledge into practice.
Customer Care Manager

The folks all enjoyed the 2 days. One or two are very experienced at standing in front of a class, others are novices but clearly they all felt they got great benefit from their time with you. I would be more than happy to recommend your course to others.
Airlock Aviation Ltd
Managing Director

The BT Effective Speaking Program has had excellent results.  Participants have been able to learn how to improve their speaking skills in a safe and supporting environment.  BT is very pleased with the College of Public Speaking's programme and is looking to extend it.
Head of Standards

The training experience was excellent, Michael adapted the course to suit the specific requirements of our team and was sensitive to our needs. He provided training that was flexible enough to enable us to cover topics that were specific to our area. The course has given the team the confidence to deliver our training. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
Nottingham University
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

The train the trainer course delivered was exactly what we needed. He managed to tailor the content to meet our specific requirements whilst also providing us with a thorough understanding of the key principles that we need to deliver a fantastic training course.
Highly recommended.
Sustainable Products Manager

Very flexible to our needs - Fantastic!
Would recommend to anyone looking to deliver training - even if only once!
National Theatre
HR & Training Coordinator

…professional and constructive feedback and teaches you how to use simple and effective tools,
tips and techniques to enhance your training and delivery style….extremely knowledgeable, very creative in his own delivery style which he readily shares, and will answer all questions posed thoroughly. He makes you feel valued throughout the programme.
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Head of HR & Organisational Development

My team and I were really impressed with how quickly we could develop our existing speaking skills into a far more polished performance.  I could really see the difference in my staff at the end of the training session and we all now have a greater understanding of what makes an effective speaker.  With so much interaction and time to practice, we really felt the benefits.  I would thoroughly recommend this course from the College of Public Speaking - it should be a basic skill for all employees.'
Metropolitan Police
Detective Chief Inspector

I found the communication skills course really valuable. It not only helped increase the confidence of everyone who participated but also drew out our existing skills. By the end of the day every delegate had improved demonstrably and we all felt really motivated.
Media Trust
Head of Communications

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Justice has placed particular emphasis on the importance of good public communication within the ministry and has taken the positive step to ensure that SCS members are encouraged to take up opportunities to develop their ability to address audiences effectively.

From the outset, the approach of The College of Public Speaking to the task of running a series of training sessions has been friendly and efficient. 

Before any training took place, one of the directors of the College of Public Speaking, sat down with members of the Leadership and Professionalism team to identify the precise needs of the organisation and to discuss the most suitable structure and content for the proposed training.

From then on the trainers from the College of Public Speaking each demonstrated a very positive and professional manner and the clearly defined  focus of the training has meant that, although different sessions were run by 3 separate trainers, the feedback has been universally very positive.
Ministry of Justice (UK)
Head of Leadership and Professionalism 

Everyone who attended the session took something useful away with them, and will face public speaking with greater confidence in the future. Thanks Vince
Debbie Charles
Marketing Manager
Edwin Coe Solicitors

Vince provides practical common sense advice. Anyone listening to him cannot fail to pick up at least one new tip or pointer. I appreciate his 
non-prescriptive approach, which rightly recognises but also enhances a speaker's individual style.
Vernon Dennis
Howard Kennedy Solicitors

I found the course very useful. Vince evaluated my initial presentation style and we proceeded with various challenging exercises video recorded and analysed. I have a number of key areas on which to work (preparation, introduction impact, presentation hooks, closing impact, etc). He also looked at our standard sales presentations and again offered some very useful advice.
Paul Watmough
Director of New Business
Speedwell Associates Ltd

Working with Vince on a number of presentation projects was great fun. He highlighted what I was doing well and gave me some supportive feedback on areas for improvement. The advice was specifically geared towards the requirements of the venue and the needs of my audience. His experience and insights were invaluable.
Ali Zaidi
Edwin Coe

The College of Public Speaking provided us with a half day training course on the art of speaking in public. They delivered an informative and practical session that already has helped the attendees build their confidence in this area.
Francesca Lagerberg
National Tax Director
Smith & Williamson

Despite doing numerous presentations at work over the years I've actually never done any formal public speaking training before. I was amazed at how quickly I could identify the areas which needed improvement and see the changes on video after one session. I have remembered the key points from our class and I use them almost daily now. I've found it a real help. I'd thoroughly recommend this training method
Tony Kezos
Detective Inspector
Metropolitan Police

The course was beneficial and covered strong advice to achieve the skills of a confident speaker. It identified my strengths as well as areas for improvement. Through use of video it gave me a new realisation of myself and how I can improve. It was a very good course. I'm happy I had the opportunity to take part. Thanks Vince
Christina Mullan
Housing Projects Officer
Greenwich Council

More Information

  • In House Training

    Joining one of our open training courses is always one option; however in some cases it may be preferable for an organisation to have a more tailored training program delivered in-house. This may spring from considerations of time, convenience or economy.

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28 January 2020 Storytelling for Business and Training
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27 February 2020 Storytelling for Business and Training
Kings Cross, London
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18 March 2020 Storytelling for Business and Training
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