Fear of Public Speaking Testimonials

Here are a few recent testimonials from people who have attended the Fear of Public Speaking course:

'Dear Vince, Today I did my first major public speaking since attending your course a few weeks back. I did an assembly in front of 150 pupils and then staff training at the end of the day. I'm pleased to say that I paused, didn't get nervous and spoke so fluently. All day, I've had kids approach me and thank me for the assembly. One even said he found it "inspirational".

'I can only really thank you for this. I took all of your advice, reviewed the speeches and read your book since the course. I feel so much better now and truly believe that I can do this. Thank you so much and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!'
Julie Joyce - Oxford

'You may or may not remember that I was building up to my wedding speech. Well I have to say it all worked out.

I practised a lot. I remembered your points around the beginning and end of the talk.

So made sure I was extra on point for these and had some good jokes to begin and end with.

But most importantly made sure I sincerely rehearsed the part about the bride.

So the day finally came. I was pretty nervous but did a good job of staying off the booze.

But... for me this is the interesting part:

Just before I knew it was my turn to speak my heart started racing, I started sweating — all the usual things.

Oh no I thought!

But I told myself it was only a thought, there is nothing to fear. And did the breathing techniques. 

Wow - physically I was reset and ready to go.


I did the speech, got some laughs, some tears and a great response.

Don't get me wrong it wasn't perfect in places but as a whole, I couldn't have been happier.

So really I just wanted to provide some feedback and to say thank you and in time I'd like to come on your Advanced course.'
Jack - Brighton

'Hello Vince, It is really my greatest pleasure and luck to find, know and learn from such a professional, respectful and friendly person like yourself. I found you a trustworthy brother who helped us to overcome our fears and gain a higher confidence in ourselves with your highly effective approach which didn't let us feel bad about ourselves not shy nor hesitant to try again, but let us feel more eager to show the real person hiding inside us waiting to go out and show the world what really we can do. I believe that my colleagues on the course all share the same experience.

Since many years, I tried many solutions, tactics and I read a lot to overcome my fear with no luck. Now this coaching session gave me more control on the situation, took my eagerness to a higher level and left me more passionate than before to achieve my goal which is deliver great public speeches with confidence. 

I really can't find the right words to thank you enough for all the great support and guidance and for making the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 full of hope and enthusiasm...

Wish you a great life ahead, full with joy and success. I'm very keen to continue the transformation journey with your support in February.'
Raya - Saudi Arabia
'Hi Vince, I am already lining up some public speaking events one of which might be to seventy people. I am not frightened at all now. Previously I would have died a thousand slow deaths of anxiety and nervousness which could well have resulted in a panic attack on stage. Now I can't wait. I'm proud to announce that I can do it. Who would have thought it from a two day weekend session?'
Simon Smith - Northolt
'Since attending the course, I feel like a completely different person; more confident, relaxed and easy going. I gave a speech at work last week and it went so so well.'
Ben Harding - Godalming
'The nerve calming techniques really work. The visualisation and grounding exercises made me feel calm and strong. I feel so more confident already.'
Sadie Jones - Wimbledon
'I came on the course because I was dreading a major conference speech in Amsterdam. I delivered that in mid-December and my Director was very proud of what I achieved having attended this course as initially my confidence had been so low. I really appreciated the support and insights of the trainer as well as the other members of the group who were all rooting for me to do well.'
Clara Debel - Ashford
'The opportunity to present in front of a supportive audience gave me confidence and removed a large part of my nervousness. I'm sure it will stand up well when I put it into practice. The course was coherent in structure.'
Nathan Smith - London
'There was a good amount of theory and ample chance to practice speaking in front of the group. Now I know the techniques involved and how to apply them, I won't feel the fear in future.'
Jen Jacobs - Epping
'I have read the books and none of them made any sense. Now it's all in context, it's not so daunting. Thanks Vince'
Rachel Allott - Docklands
'I made the change. I made the difference. I just needed some guidance on how to do it. I'm grateful.'
Frances Holt - Occupational Therapist - London
'The intensity of my fear has gone. This is the best thing I have ever done.'
Dan Hynes - Engineering graduate - Edinburgh
'The fear is gone. Not only can I make a presentation - I can do it really well.'
John Eden - IT Manager - West Midlands

For more details on Vince and his work, click on the following link Vince Stevenson. Please contact Vince Stevenson on: 0330 043 2677 or by emailing vince@collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk.

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