Executive Presentations

McKinsey research shows that effective leadership is a critical aspect of organisational health and that leaders must communicate prolifically and enthusiastically. Developing strong leadership attributes in communication is becoming top priority for all companies with progressive aspirations. (Source: McKinsey's Organisational Health Index)

The role of an executive is complex. You need to keep an eye on the business horizon and on the technological horizon. You need to manage your department and your staffs' expectations. You are a role model and you set and maintain the standards. Everybody is looking to you. Top leaders have demonstrative skills.

Your communication says a lot about you and your style. Your personal ambitions and those of your department are transmitted by your communication style. What message are you sending? Is there anything negative that your followers are picking up on?  What we say and the way we say it are key, even more important is how you make people feel. Are they upbeat, optimistic and progressive in thought and outlook? No? Is your performance stifling their creativity? It's never too late to change course. 

Our Executive Presentation Course offers a flexible development package. It can be an intensive one day workshop working 1-2-1 with one with founder Vince Stevenson. Alternatively, it can be 2 x 1/2 day sessions with our award winning trainers, all of whom have boardroom experience with an eclectic mix of CEOs, Directors and Senior Managers across a broad spectrum of business disciplines.

The College of Public Speaking turns your knowledge, experience and expertise into first class presentation outcomes.

Vince has worked across sectors for many years with many high profile clients. His personal profile can be found on Vince Stevenson. Our development methodology is tried and trusted throughout the speaking world and it has helped millions of people for over 80 years. We also offer competency-based interview skills training, media skills training, executive in-tray exercises and other bespoke executive learning opportunities (subject to the amount of preparatory work and an agreed fee).


Professional development in the field of executive speech coaching is becoming the norm. The subsequent trend of leading from the front and delivering compelling speeches and presentations to colleagues is now an everyday occurrence.

At just £1600 + VAT (full day) this package offers excellent value at a time when training budgets are constantly under review.

We will be pleased to attend your home or office (we also hire quality venues in Victoria and Kings Cross if you prefer total confidentiality) and deliver a session that includes input on the following aspects:

  • A review of current speaking skills.
  • Knowing your audience and their expectations.
  • Select the most appropriate speech structure to deliver positive outcomes.
  • Concentrate on your key messages and develop content which underpins them.
  • Practice and develop improved speaking skills with reference to vocal techniques and body language.
  • Develop techniques to speak with power and persuasion.
  • Creative use of appropriate humour and speaking dynamism.
  • Research the venue - know the layout and format of the speaking event.
  • Visualisation techniques that focus on a successful speaking outcome.
  • Expert advice on PowerPoint where required.
  • Video playback and analysis will form the basis for speaking development.

With speaking in public, you will have to develop your own ideas, your own themes and own key messages (with our help, of course). It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it - and that means your words, your tonal variety allied to your body language.

If you do not deliver your message with passion or at least enthusiasm, who is going to listen, and really why should they?

Executive Presentation Course Case Study

group photo

Sarah has never spoken in public before. Although she has a team who can help with research and create the PowerPoint slides, Sarah is inexperienced in spoken delivery. She calls the HR director and requests support. The HR director contacts the College of Public Speaking and a meeting is arranged at short notice. Sarah works in the City for a large multinational bank. One day, she receives an email from her manager in New York telling her that she is to deliver a keynote speech to an international seminar in Hamburg in two weeks' time.

At the preliminary meeting, it is our duty to ascertain the nature of the speaking engagement; the date, the venue, audience size and profile, duration of speech, make up of the day's program of events, resource requirements etc.

The key duty of any executive speaker is to speak with authority and impact and one of our professional trainers leads Sarah through the minefield of effective communication, assisting with structure, body language, and effective use of voice which introduces pace, pitch, pause and projection. Sarah is given advice on how to handle nerves, how to channel adrenaline into vocal performance, how to utilise powerful vocabulary as well as the effective use of humour. The key ingredients to success in any field is that of preparation and planning, and our professional speaker will request that Sarah practices as often as possible before their next scheduled meeting.

Sarah must then decide how many follow up meetings are required before the flight to Hamburg. During all events, the professional trainer will provide objective and realistic feedback in a friendly and supportive format on how well Sarah is developing. All of the sessions include opportunities for video feedback.

Sarah did well in her Hamburg assignment, so much so she was invited to deliver the same presentation in Geneva two months later. Some 12 months later, Sarah is hooked on public speaking and takes every opportunity possible to deliver her company's key messages to an international audience.

All of our professional trainers have confidentiality clauses built into their contracts, so whatever matters arise during a session, it goes no further than the classroom door.

If you have always wanted to deliver that killer presentation but have never known where to begin - we can help you.

Your facilitator for this course is Vince Stevenson, founder and Education Director of the College of Public Speaking and a staunch supporter of public speaking across the Public, Private and Third Sectors. Vince has worked in the City for many years and in some of the largest companies both nationally and internationally. In his speaking work, he has worked with bankers, lawyers, accountants, footballers, TV presenters and politicians (and many others). For more details on Vince and how he can help you, click on the following link Vince Stevenson.

Please contact Vince Stevenson on: 0330 043 2677 or by emailing vince@collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk.